10 Volcano Vaporizer Tips & Tricks To Get You Started


  1. Grind up your herb, the more the better.  My go to is a decent 2 piece grinder (because you can just keep grinding it). You can use the included orange plastic grinder. If all you have is a 4 piece grinder, turn it upside down for a finer grind. 

  2. Just because you can't see a lot of vapor, doesn't mean you won't feel the effect. I start out at 370° and increase the temperature by 5° each bag fill. This allows you to get the full 'cannabis profile' because different THC, CBD, CBN, etc. vaporize at different temperatures. We usually max out at 390°. The 2nd bag is normally our favorite. Try starting at a lower temperature for tasting the terpenes, or end up at a higher one.                                                          volcano vaporizer and chamber with bag of vapor 

  3. Use a combination of taste and looks to decide when you're done with that chamber/bowl and ready to empty it, typically 3-5 bags. Feel free to have multiple sessions using the same cannabis from a previous session. We recommend people start out filling the chamber enough to where you can't see the screen anymore, add more as you become more familiar with your tolerance :) The concentrate screen can act as a reducer, however herb falls in the crevices. You can also try out the reducing chamber.

  4. When you press the green 'Air' button and turn on the fan, wait about 5 secs or so. You've got to bring your herb up to temperature, otherwise you're just filling the bag up with hot air. When you start to see a bit of vapor put the bag on the chamber.

  5. You won't see a lot of dirty evidence like with most other vaporizers. However, you will get some build up within the chamber. Use the included brush after every session with a light scrub to keep the chamber clean. Dependent on use a deeper cleaning may be warranted. Just pop out the screen with the brush through the chamber opening. The plastic should also separate from the metal (take the rubber o-ring off and give the metal a push from the opening). Then take some 90%+ ISO alcohol to clean all the metal pieces. Warm water and soap are best for the plastic pieces.                                                                                                                                 volcano bag next to volcano vaporizer 

  6. Don't forget to change out the screens and bags on occasion. Over time your taste adjust to the 'used' flavor. Nothing beats a 'fresh' session with some tasty herb, a clean screen/chamber and a new bag.

  7. Mixing in kief with ground up herb is a great way to kick things up a notch, fairly clean. You can also mix in other concentrates with flower too, it just tends to be messier. If you're doing concentrates only, I would recommend using the 'concentrate screen'. Just pop out the screen in the bottom of the chamber and insert the 'concentrate screen' and put your wax/shatter etc on top. Higher temperatures tend to work better.                                             volcano chamber full of herb 

  8. Vaporizing in general does this, but we think the Volcano is super sneaky about you getting high. It doesn't tend to hit you all at once like a bowl or bong hit (I warn new users), but slowly creeps up on you. Be mindful of this, and have plenty of water on hand.

  9. Save your ABV (already been vaped) herb and to make edibles later. To each there own, but there is still THC (stuff not activated until above 400 degrees). If good herb is hard to come by, it's more efficient with what you've got. It's already been decarbed, so either infuse it or you could eat it straight, maybe on some peanut butter toast.

  10. Experiment a bit, get lifted, share with friends, have fun.